RETOUCH.1 - $50 (45-60mins)
After 1 week, fill in service

RETOUCH.2 - $80 (75-90mins)
Fill in service after 2 weeks

RETOUCH.3 - $100 (90-120mins)
Fill in service after 3 weeks 

REMOVAL - $50 (60mins)
A proper cleansing and removal of lash extensions

Xtreme Lashes is the premier eyelash extension brand known for their hygiene, medical grade products, safety and incredible results. Their adhesive has been awarded and ranked in the market as the top adhesive for safety ad sensitivity; therefore it will not harm or irritate the eye nor damage your natural lashes.

 FULL SET OF PERMANENT LASHES - $200 (2 hrs. 45mins)

A revolutionary and luxury service focusing on precision, cleanliness, and the cutting edge of techniques to enhance your natural lash line with lush, voluminous, thick lashes. This service takes approximately 2.5 hours, depending on how many lashes you desire, and can be easily maintained with retouches that are recommended at least 2-3 weeks. As your natural lashes shed, the extensions that are attached also shed, and new lashes begin to grow.