Ways You May Not Have Tried, to Keep Your Skin Hydrated from Winter to Spring.

Winter is here.

Unfortunately, skin can become dry, dull and even uncomfortable given all the time spent indoors with forced-air heating. You must be thinking now “transition? But it’s only January!” I know, March 20th [Spring Solstice] is going to sneak up on us much faster than we think! 

With the change of season, there should also be a change to your skincare
routine, too. Toss out any product with an old expiration date and stock up on brand new skincare essentials. Make way for innovative skincare that will allow your skin to glow from within.

With this cold, dry air comes dry, flaky skin. Therefore, tis’ the season to is to exfoliate the dead skin cells that accumulate during the colder months. Whether you are looking for anti-aging benefits, clear skin, pigmentation or all three, there is an exfoliant that can help you achieve your skin care goals. If you’re in the market for quicker results, a professional chemical peel or Dermaplaning are perfect options.

Dermaplaning is a deep exfoliation of the skin using a sterile blade. These
treatments are ideal for all skin types and the end result will reveal fresh and healthy skin. After you exfoliate, either at home or professionally, you will need an extra boost of hydration to replenish your skin. Serums like our Hyaluronic Acid and heavy moisturizers like the Max stem cell repair creme will be your go-to products to maintain your winter radiance.

Studies have found that matching a good skin care regimen with a healthy
lifestyle is the best way to slow the signs of aging. It’s important to hydrate
yourself and drink plenty of water throughout the day. This simple step will feed your skin from the outside in. Did you know you can also feed your skin from the inside out? Try taking liquid beauty collagen supplements! This can add an extra high-concentrated dose of skin-targeting nutrients to your daily routine. These supplements have been clinically proven to increase skin elasticity and moisture. They are formulated with collagen peptides which are shown to increase firmness, reduce wrinkle depth
and restore hydration. They also have antioxidants and vitamins that will
contribute to your skin’s healthy appearance.

Visit your favorite beauty therapist at Beautiology every four to six weeks starting this January and book a facial once a month during the winter season. They can address your skin care concerns directly and customize your facial to your needs. You will see a difference because your skin will look and feel clean and revitalized. If you simply do not have the time to head to the spa, do your skin a favor and go at least four times a year when the seasons change. 

– Marchelle Charles, Lead Aesthetician & Beauty Therapist



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