Questions to ask your Esthetician

Ever wondered what to ask your skin therapist?

1. What’s with all these papers I am signing?

If it’s your first visit or first facial – your esthetician should either ask you specific questions about your skin or fill out a questionnaire. I believe it’s necessary to have a five page questionnaire strictly on skin care. My clients that know what to expect and are usually fine with the paperwork but for new spa go-ers they may be taken back. If there was no paperwork I would be concerned.

It’s important to ask basic questions on the clients skin, for example: Do you have any allergies/sensitivities, current medications or what are you currently using on your skin?

If you scrubbed your face with apricot scrub and then used a retinol without sunscreen this morning than we’re going to have a strict conversation. Because as a licensed professional, let me tell you… I like my NYS license and would love to continue to practice esthetics. I wouldn’t want the client to burn and peel when it’s not the intention for the treatment. Concluding, being transparent and open with your esthetician is the best policy, you both will be happy with results and great skin!

2. Why didn’t you get all my blackheads out?

I would have say a client favorite to ask. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to remove every single blackhead. However some are very stubborn and may be too difficult to remove without scarring or infection. Keep in mind we are trying to improve your skin not to damage, if we pressured to remove them your skin would be irritated as you will be with us to get the pesky buildup out. Your esthetician should vocalize that not all were removed and suggest a plan or next visit to remove the remaining. It can be painful but if you drinks lots of water prior to your facial appointment that will help soften the skin and sebum for a less painful experience. At Beautiology we use a ultrasonic to aid in our extraction process. Less scars and more time for preventative care, nutrients and glow up.

3. What’s your background or history in the field of esthetics?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over ten years, specifically five in aesthetics. Sometimes degrees and accolades can work in your favor. I say take the time to educate yourself. Become certified and learn new modalities machines or anything that’s going to increase business for your practice. It’s not a race you’re not in competition with anyone else but yourself. Be proud to show your clients your certificates and any additional education or training you have in the field of aesthetics.

4. How do you determine products and treatment programs for your clients?

I would have to say sometimes it’s trial and error sometimes it’s a sure thing. For example a client with hyper pigmentation can work differently for different Fritzpatrick’s levels, specific products can work better for lighter complexion’s versus dark same goes for chemical peels you must be trained in order to know what will work best. Speaking directly with product reps and their manufactures makes it easier too. Understanding the pH levels of products and solutions and of course knowing what is legal for your scope and allowed in your own state.

5. What results can I expect from this treatment?

Everyone skin is different, so different skin types may react differently. Depending on what products you have or are currently using on your skin can affect chemical peels, facials or any other modalities use in aesthetics field. What has worked for me is being completely honest with my clients they respect that sometimes you may not see a change but that does not mean the treatment wasn’t effective.


What your Aesthetician would want to remind you before your first spa visit…

• Before you arrive, visit the ATM – they say “cash is king”, but seems like more and more clients don’t carry it. Our spa doesn’t accept tips via credit cards so if you enjoyed and loved your service and would love to leave gratuity we suggest having cash or we are in the tech age ask if the spa has virtual tipping, via Venmo or Cash App your skin therapist will love you more!

• Review the spa menu ahead of time – if it’s not available online, I would contact the spa for pricing. Between myself and other Skin/Beauty Therapists at Beautiology Studio & Spa we have tiered pricing so what you may think is a $100 Facial with one therapist it could be $50 more with another, and you don’t want to find out at check out and be left looking for coins.

• Preparing for your day, show up early, shower, stay comfortable, and forgo your accessories – we love to give hand and décolleté massages in our facial treatments and clients can’t wait for them, with jewelry on it prevents us from give magnificent feels. You wouldn’t want to miss out!

• Don’t be afraid to speak up during your session – we can see your skin but we can’t feel everything – tell your esthetician if something is uncomfortable or burning so they can make the right adjustments.

Tip and Review afterwards – We love positive reviews and if you had an issue with the customer service or treatment, contact the esthetician first before running to a review site and bashing their business. Problem solving should be the first option, if it’s unresolved then do as you wish.

For any additional questions please contact: Beautiology Studio & Spa, Mineola, NY.

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