Benefits of Massages with Sue at Beautiology

Hello Beauty Believers!

This is Sue, the new massage therapist at Beautiology. I’m gonna discuss with you the benefits of massage on your different body systems. Massage has so many different benefits for your whole body, not just your muscles. Let me explain some of them to you.

Integumentary System: The integumentary system has the biggest organ in your body: your skin! Yes, your skin is an organ! Here are some of the benefits massage has on your skin:

Aids in vitality and elasticity of skin

Aids in the elimination of dead cells

Send messages to the brain to aid in relaxation of your entire body

Helps establish trust so healing can take place both physically and mentally

If you are worried about your skin being dry or dehydrated, I highly suggest using the Image Vital C hydrating lotion. It works really well in moisturizing and hydrating your skin. We also have scrubs and lotions that go with them that are amazing. Or come in and see one of our Beauty Therapists for a skin consultation and a facial!

Circulatory System: Massage helps your blood flow to the area of your body being worked on to help nourish the muscle and help it heal better. Here are a couple of other benefits massage has when it comes to your blood:

Stimulates circulation in tissues involved

Dilates blood vessels which can decrease blood pressure

Our Deep Tissue massage really helps the blood flow faster. The deeper pressure used helps to push the blood through your veins and arteries.

Nervous System: Massage helps increase endorphins in your body so you have less pain in a certain area being worked on. It also has these other benefits:

Brings about invigorating effects to the entire nervous system due to improved circulation and nutrition

Can relax or stimulate nerves, depending on the type of treatment

One service I recommend for your nervous system is our Hot Stone Massage. It helps to get your nerves stimulated to relieve your tired, achy muscles.

Digestive System: While abdominal massage is not very common, it does have certain benefits to the digestive system. Some of these are:

Stimulates peristalsis, which can aid in relief of constipation and/or diarrhea

Has a stimulating effect on the digestive organs, which helps improve digestion

By stimulating the small intestines, massage can aid in the absorption of fat

If you do have any digestive issues, just ask for your abdominals to be massaged as well and I will absolutely work it in.

Respiratory System: Massage has so many beneficial effects on your breathing. These are a couple of them:

Encourages deeper breathing and a more complete breath through relaxing effect of massage

Can loosen intercostal muscles and free rib cage to allow greater chest expansion, thereby deeper breathing, thereby more oxygen to all cells

Aromatherapy is another wonderful help for your respiratory system. Breathing in our essential oils helps your body to relax more and can help with some ailments as well such as headaches.

Skeletal System: Finally, your bones get a huge benefit from massage! The following are some of them:

Increases blood circulation which nourishes skeletal cells

Improves muscular balance which improves posture (tight muscles can pull bones out of alignment)

Exercises joints through range of motion

Sports massage is also a wonderful way to help your bones through stretching and improving your range of motion from joint movement.

As you can see, massage can benefit so much of your body, so why not get one today? Help your body in so many ways!! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope to see you come in for a massage. If you come in during the week and it is your first time with me, it’s $20 off! Take advantage of it now while you can!!



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