The Life Cycle of a Spray Tan


The Week Leading Up To Your Tan:

Be sure to moisturize your skin well and drink plenty of water! A sunless tan will last longer on hydrated skin.

No Later Than 48 Hours Before Your Tan:

Do any shaving, waxing or hair removal services necessary prior to your tan. Waxing after the tan will remove the top layer of skin, as well as the color.

24 Hours Before:

Take a shower, and exfoliate well! Do not use any products that are moisturizing on your body. Liquid or bar castile soap are the best to wash with before a tan because they do not leave any residue on the skin. Exfoliate using a dry brush, exfoliating mit or sugar scrub! We have great options at Beautiology for pre-tan prep products.

Day Of:

Do not have any product on the skin! This includes deodorant, makeup, perfume, body lotion of any kind, etc. Products can create a barrier which would prevent the tan from taking and could even react with the solution to create an undesired result.

Wear the solution for the directed amount of time given by your technician, being sure not to get wet at all!

After the directed amount of time has passed, rinse with warm water without using any kind of soap, pushing the solution off of your body with your hands. Do not use a washcloth or anything abrasive. Pat dry and apply a spray tan safe moisturizer. (Ask your technician for approved options.)

24 Hours Later:

You can finally use soap in the shower! Castile soap or a sulfate-free, spray tan safe body wash can be used, again without using anything abrasive.

Moisturize twice a day to get the most out of your tan!


When you are ready to remove your tan and start over, take a long, very warm shower and use an exfoliating mitt to slough off the dead skin which will take off the layer of sunless tan. Always moisturize to keep your skin in top shape!



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